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We're Better Than You And We Know It

A Community Of Popular Girls

Popular Girls
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An exclusive community for exclusive members!

Not a rating community, but a slam/burn book for the elite to gossip and have fun. Girls can come here to vent their frustrations, talk about people behind their backs, and just feel superior to the jerks that surround them everyday.

If you want to join, you must fill out an application.



Nobody under the age of 14 is allowed.

Please help this community grow by promoting it.

I want this community to remain private, so therefore try to mark all posts as "Friends Only". If you don't know how to do that, then click here I'm not gonna be a nazi about this rule, but please adhere to it.

Do not harass or terrorize any of the other members. I can understand if people get bitchy and that's fine and dandy, but don't join just to be a troll. However, you do have carte-blanche to say whatever you want about non-members.

The moderator reserves the right to ban anyone who is under the age of 14, harasses or terroizes any members, or is just generally being a prick for no good reason.


credit goes to memoir_ofadollifor the fantastic promo banners